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Hiway GeoStabilization is a geohazard mitigation firm operating throughout New Zealand and Australasia.

Our passion is to develop and install innovative solutions that protect people and infrastructure from the dangers of geohazards.  We specialize in emergency landslide repairs, rockfall mitigation, and grouting using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting. Hiway GeoStabilization’s team includes some of the brightest and most dedicated professionals in the geohazard mitigation industry.  Our expertise, proprietary tools, and worldwide partnerships allow us to repair virtually any slope stability or foundation problem in any geologic setting.

Our patented tools include the Soil Nail Launcher, the Biowall® System, ScourMicropiles, and SuperNails, all of which we install using a combined fleet of over 50 purpose-built Soil Nail Launchers and purpose-built limited access drill rigs.

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