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About Us


Hiway Geostabilization combines the resources and knowledge of both the Hiway Group and GeoStabilization International®. The two companies’ association extends back over 15 years with Hiway Group investing in GSI®’s Soil Nail Launcher built for the New Zealand market. Together with two SuperNailer units, this combined entity has facilitated more than 300 design/build slip repairs around New Zealand.

Hiway Geostabilization has the capability to perform turnkey packages from site assessments and investigation, through design analysis, to quality controlled installations. Geotechnical research and development are key to both parent companies’ mantra, together with skilled and experienced drill operatives.


Hiway GeoStabilization credits its success to the founding philosophy of serving the client with the newest technologies, the best solutions, and the fastest possible service. Through many years of training, experience, and this founding philosophy, Hiway GeoStabilization engineers and constructors now stand as the most qualified and most experienced in the industry.