Hiway GeoStabilization Careers



Hiway GeoStabilization has transformed bridge construction with Geosynthetically Confined Soil (GCS®) technology that allows for single-span bridge construction to happen in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional fabrication methods. Once the existing structure is properly removed, new bridge abutments are constructed on each bank; often well away from the stream below. A prefabricated or constructed in-place bridge deck is then affixed to the abutments and the GSIBRIDGE is ready for traffic.
This approach saves huge sums of money, reduces fabrication time to a fraction, and avoids lengthy and uncertain permitting. Let us show you how Hiway GeoStabilization can save you money and time!

Before and After

Wooden bridge supporting structure replaced with GCS® abutments and steel deck.

Before and After

Wooden piling bridge replaced with steel beam frame resting on GCS® abutments. Bridge deck is fabricated atop the truss beams.

Closeup of GCS® abutments and bridge deck interface